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this race is going to come down to battleground states -- >> and texas is a loss, i agree with you. >> yeah well exactly. be -- no i -- the other thing i'm thinking -- chris i'm going -- because fox news would run that footage 24-7. he is president of the black people, look at him talking to the black people, and the black people are cheering. >> yeah. i don't know although bill press made the point that there is nothing on the president's schedule, which usually means he is taking a trip to some clandestine place. >> oh. >> he may be making a trip overseas or something. so can't do it. romney says the think he did make inroads with black voters -- >> computer says naaa. >> he said i spoke to a number of african american leaders, even ones that are not in sports. >> he is so tall and black, he must be in sport. >> i spoke with a number of african american leaders after the event, and they say a lot of folks don't want to say they are not going to be voting for barack obama, but that are disappointed, at the end of my speech having a standing ovation was genero
♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: good morning billy in texas. >> caller: hey steph you really just disarm me with that song. >> stephanie: that's why i do it. >> that's clever. >> stephanie: it's hard to get back to you're talking point. >> caller: have you ever wonder idea there is not a lot of gun debacles like that in texas? >> stephanie: why there are no gun debacles in texas. >> oh, there have been mass shootings in texas. >> caller: stand by and admit. every time one of these knuckle heads dye their hair in orange and pink we symptom them. >> stephanie: it's hair color. >> caller: let's not go there. >> you do preemptive violence. let's hurt them before they might hurt someone else. >> caller: vigilante. >> it is a vigilant any thing that you're talking about. >> caller: really, really? >> stephanie: that's grounds for assault if someone dyed--what are you, the mitt romney of texas? >> caller: would it have been better if we vigilantized that guy or he shot everybody up. >> are you just making stuff up, or do you really go and beat up people who you think might hurt people down the roa
, there is a constitutional challenge in texas to the dodd-frank act. pretty much the same as health care. and now because conservatives have salted the bench for the last 25 years. >> exactly right. charlie we're asking everyone who calls in why they are proud to be an american. and of all the means about president obama what is -- >> right wing means -- >> oh, right-wing? >> right-wing. >> i think the whole socialist thing has really been amusing to me. suddenly anything you take from the government -- anything that the government gives including that which you take is socialism. >> yes, you didn't realize how many fox viewers don't know what socialism is. >> i got to know the last socialist major of a major american city. he is one of the people alice cooper refers to in "wane's world." >> that's right. he was the last of two. he said when i got elected socialism was having a freaking fire department. >> right. >> it was filling the potholes. >> right. >> and at this point we're slid all the way back to that. they are saying they don't need public libraries in louisiana. when did w
-- what's his name? louie gohmert republican of texas, he was condemning him for suggesting that the massacre could have been averted if movie-goers had been armed. >> idiot. >> stephanie: he had said -- >> shooting in the dark randomly at everyone else. >> stephanie: it does make me wonder with all of the people in the theatre was there no one that was carrying, it could have stopped this guy. >> he's wearing full body armor. no one else in the theatre was. >> stephanie: mayor bloomberg. >> the bottom line is if we had fewer guns, we would have a lot fewer murders. it is time for both of them to be held accountable. >> stephanie: to arm everybody and have the wild west is one of the more nonsensical things. >> even in tombstone they banned people carrying guns into saloons. >> stephanie: guns and alcohol, when has that been a bad idea? >> in arizona they reinstated that. you can take a gun into a bar. >> stephanie: along with your baby. >> look at you! you have a baby! in a bar! >> stephanie: do you really
-stated health insurance exchange. in texas -- it was ranked worst in the country for healthcare delivery, has the highest rate of uninsured in the nation. >> the texas medicaid threshold right now is something like 20% of poverty level. so it would not only be a huge expansion of coverage in texas, but also an incredible infusion of money. it's 50 something-billion dollars to texas over the next five years if they participated in this expanded medicaid. so that is a lot of money that governor perry is saying hospitals, we're not going to let you have this money. all of the providers in the state. so that will be an interesting issue for him to turn down $50 billion over five years, and to say basically in your face you don't get covered. >> that really -- i mean this is just to spite obama isn't it? republican governors and people will die -- >> i'm going to still my constituents. that will show them. >> yeah, people will die. and the providers will suffer. a lot of the hospitals will still have to cover them and there's an easy solution and the only other thing with the
'm not wearing a badge. you see a pink flamingo? >> stephanie: richard from texas, doing a hernia test. how are you? >> caller: greetings from the libertarian paradox of texas. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: what i would like to talk about today does anyone remember in '98, there was a huge scandal with the salt lake city olympic organizers about olympic -- international olympic committee members children getting free college tuition. >> oh! >> caller: does anyone remember that? >> there were a whole bunch of things wrong with the salt lake city -- [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> that scandal was one of the things that mitt romney claimed he came in came in and cleaned up. everybody said he did a good job doing it. he didn't do a spectacular job. they needed to raise $1.45 billion to do the olympics. at the point where he came in, they had already three years before the olympics actually kicked in, had a billion dollars in the coffers. they were going to meet their match point. they were going to have all of the funds. the
with the texas rangers, and that's what he really wanted. he ran for president because he couldn't be baseball commissioner. >> yeah. he should have stayed baseball commissioner. >> spare with from entitled rich boys with daddy issues. let's go to judy in florida. hi, judy. >> hi, steph. how are you doing? >> good. go ahead. >> i really enjoy your show but it's very funny everything that is going on, romney all of the gaffes, the stupidity, but, you know, i would draw everyone's at attention to we had another gaffe master in there for eight years -- >> yeah. it is only funny right up until he gets elected and then it is terrifying. >> right. we have voter suppression, machines that have never been fixed and that could -- and that plus the bundling the donations that put ads on he has got a propaganda network in fox news and plus 65% of the country has no critical thinking skills so that could put -- >> no, you are right. >> put him in office. >> you are absolutely right. that's what is terrifying judy you look at the polls and go how could this even be close? but you are absol
thought, republicans did you notice that, frank? >> that's news to me. >> john: the texas g.o.p. in their platform, they tried to ban critical thinking skills from being taught in the texas public schools. we're going to talk about that later in the show. i did a whole commentary on it on spitzer last week. they said critical thinking undermines parental authority. critical thinking undermines all authority. that's the point of critical thinking. it teaches you to challenge authority. being conservative too. if it wasn't for critical think we would all still be british and talking english. larry in virginia, you've been on hold for awhile. what's your favorite lie about the president? >> caller: it is not so much the lie, it is the obstructionist in congress i want to comment on. there are three leaders in congress so obstructionist toward the president right now they ought to be known as the axis of evil. >> john: who are they? >> eric kantor, my representative. john boehner and mitch mcconnell. >> joh
. >> rocky mountain mike. >> thank you rocky mountain mike. jay in texas you are on the "stephanie miller show." who's ipad is on? >> i have lots going on. >> all right. mr. apple boy. >> go ahead. >> or we're at the third floor for lingerie. hi, jay, sorry. >> how are you today, steph? >> good. go ahead. >> i am the official stephanie miller representative down here in the great red state of texas. >> oh, boy. >> i have a question and a comment. my comment is they know mitt romney is kind of a buffoon, so why don't they do like sarah palin and write his stuff on his hand. >> yes. you are a helper. >> he can't be a hawk dunce. you know what i mean? he -- that's why he is 2.0 kind of. they have a new level of dunce. instead of having it written his in hands, he probably has people in the crowd holding up key words. >> yes. however, perhaps he should have written his thoughts on his hands. >> no, his thoughts aren't worth writing down. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> right. >> in the same interview with brian williams. brian wandered if america's path will make it end up
still alive and kicking. and gregory is calling from houston, in the great state of texas. the home of the george bush library, i believe. good morning, gregory. >> hello. how are you this morning? >> delightful. thank you for calling us. >> i think they really need to address how mitt romney continues to flip flop on so many different issues and purchased so many companies and then he turns around and sells them -- >> uh-huh. >> and puts so many people out of work. >> yes. >> and one of the things we don't need at this time is more unemployment. he is helping the unemployment rate. >> i agree. >> instead of trying to do things to put people to work. he is putting people out of work, and i think that's wrong. >> i agree with you, and i to thank you for the call. we have to hammer home to our republican or anti-evil friends which is number 1, yes, romney flips like a crack house mattress, he believed in climate change, and now disagrees with it -- the guy just changes positions like a very confused porn star. but bain capital was never about creating jobs for wo
lubbock, texas, and it's about as red as it can get here. and my husband is a lifetime member of the nra, which is his right, but right after this tragic shooting the next morning, 5:00 the phone rings, it's the nra calling us trying to get money out of us. and they are telling us not to politicize us. >> they call all the time. they send letters all the time. they want money all the time. they are a scam organization. >> and furthermore what do they need money for? they have just about every lawmaker in pocket? >> maybe to buy ammo -- >> listen, they are scams. they are a part -- i think they are a big, big, big part of the republican party. >> yep. >> and they are just -- they are ridiculous. they are shameless and -- you know -- i don't know what else to say about them, but they disgust me. >> thank you, rd. good point. now we're -- >> did you see what we should change the name of the show to -- >> no! >> the -- >> no! don't. don't. okay. i am not going to give it more credence. i can't share anything with you. [ laughter ] >> my god, we're going to get
in texas. hey, deb welcome. >> caller: hi. i'm a new listener and new democratic -- well, new democrat as of '04. >> all right. >> caller: my husband is so thankful. i have two points that i was going to make. first on the bain mess. excuse me, i've been multitasking. like mitt said. mitt hit the fan. >> stephanie: are you engaging in private equity while you're talking to me. what are you doing? >> caller: cleaning like he's trying to do. what i was wondering on the bain thing, ann herself said that mitt went back and forth between the olympics and bain capital. that he fluctuated back and forth. now if he didn't do that, then she's a liar now. also he said he would release two tax returns. we've only gotten one. the other one is in the process of being scrubbed at the moment. >> stephanie: debra he says that's all that's necessary for you. for little people to understand his finances. >> caller: we're talking about 2010. 2011 is being scrubbed. >> stephanie: yeah. the whole thing is suspicious, deb
in texas. hey, lynn, welcome. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: my husband and i were speaking to the guy who answered the phone and my husband are very much at odds about guns. now i don't mind him having them but he's got a whole safeload of them but he does hunt. but we are in agreement about one thing and that is that he does not think that it is necessary to have weapons that empty a clip of 100 bullets in like ten seconds. >> stephanie: yep. and you know who thinks that a lot, lynn is military vets i've talked to. even the military doesn't have 100 round drums. >> caller: he is annex -- he put 20 years in as a pilot. he's a pilot for southwest airlines. >> stephanie: oh wow. >> caller: but he does hunt. i mean he goes to africa and everything. i'm not -- i don't like waking up and having all of the animals staring at me. but i figure it is -- >> better not go to stephanie's house then. >> stephanie: they're alive. my animals are alive. >> you've got your dog staring at you. >> stephani
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13